Art as a tangible asset investment

Scarcely any other asset class has been able so sustainably multiply the capital invested. The value increase for artworks has been constant and even achieves an astounding profit, when other investment products suffer huge losses because of economic crises. Especially the category „Post War & Contemporary“ is particularly suitable as an asset class. One example of this is Photography, which is part of this art category. As one of the newer types of art, photography is very well documented, i.e. the number of pictures created is known and the origin of the photographs can also be tracked. Additionally, photographic works can be purchased for a relatively low price, which enables a broad diversification of investments. All works of art of the TheArtToken are carefully and properly kept and stored safely in a bonded warehouse.

With TheArtToken (TAT), a token has been created that is backed and secured in value by a solid, internationally curated art collection. Internationally traded masterworks of contemporary art form the basis for security and permanence of investors‘ crypto assets.

Post-War & Contemporary Artmarket: in EUR million (auction only)


Auction Turnover 2000:      EUR 103m   
Auction Turnover 2017:      EUR 1.58bn

>> Performance of + 1,400 % in 17 years

                            or + 82.35 % p.a.

The „Post-War & Contemporary Art“-Index showed the best performance in the last 20 years. TheArtToken focuses on contemporary photography, which assigns to the category of „Post-War & Contemporary Art“.

source: DELOITTE, Art & Finance Report 2016

Key Facts Art



  • Annual market volume ≥ € 50bn

  • Stable values over centuries irrespective of wars and crises

  • Value of art develops independently from other asset classes

  • Periodic and independent valuation



  • Art Performance last 50 years: 
    + 10.85% p.a.


  • Art Performance last 20 years: 
    + 10.71% p.a.


  • TAT Artists Performance 2017:       
    + 14.31% p.a.



  • Artworks stored in a  bonded warehouse protected by the government

  • Artworks insured through international insurance companies

  • Transparent market through edition-management (= number & price retrievable anytime)

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