„The most outstanding discovery in the history of photography “

Within a few years, Vivian Maier has risen to become one of the most important American photographers of the 20th century. During her lifetime, she has not shown anyone her over 150,000 esteemed negatives and has never seen much of her work herself.


In 2007 several thousand undeveloped film rolls and negatives were in a foreclosure case, which was acquired by John Maloof. Together with the renowned gallery owner Howard Greenberg, he paved the way for a worldwide meteoric rise, which was of enormous public interest.

The results speak for themselves…


  •   115 exhibitions in 24 countries and 61 cities with way more than 1 Million visitors worldwide

  •   An Oscar-nominated documentary

  •   The purchase price of one image has more than doubled within six years

  •   All available exhibitions are set until the end of 2020. Amongst others in Germany, Italy, Chile, France, USA & Canada.

  •   Vivian Maier is for the 6TH time one of the MOST SEARCHED ARTISTS IN THE WORLD

"Finding Vivian Maier" movie trailer

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all images © Estate of Vivian Maier

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