Parameters for the purchase of art

On recommendation and by advice of the art advisors purchases are made either on the primary market, that is directly from artists or from galleries that represent the artists, or on the secondary market which encompasses collectors and auctions. After intensive analysis, the pricing is based on a historical analysis, expert assessments and last but not least, on the valuation of the insurance. Decisive for the selection of the artists is their art historical relevance, the trade of their works in the market, an experienced management in the background, a measurable price development as well as a complete and gapless provenance. 


Detailed analysis of the artists and artworks through: 

• Curators                    • Art critics and art professors

• Galleries                    • Insurance companies

Clearly defined criteria exist for the assessment of artists & artworks:

Quantitative criteria

•   Past and current auction prices, past and current gallery prices
•   Ranking in sales statistics
•   Annual sales volume at auctions
•   Number of associated galleries
•   Number of past, current & agreed exhibitions in galleries & museums
•   Number of past, current & agreed participation in festivals, biennal,...
•   Number of nominations and placements for art prizes
•   Number and success of publications

Qualitative Criteria

•  Age of the artist
•  Education of the artist
•  Presence in renowned galleries
•  Expected exhibitions
•  Expected editions
•  Expected participation in exhibitions
•  Assessment of critics
•  Importance of artist in historical & cultural context

The analysis of these criteria should evidence a positive development of the artist and his oeuvre in the past, and it should let believe with good cause that the positive development will extend into the future.

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