Hard Cap: $ 25,000,000


37,87% FUNDED


TheArtToken (TAT) 

A revolutionary approach to bring art as a stable, successful and secure alternative asset on the blockchain. Every TAT is backed by 100% carefully curated renowned works of art. With its 1-to-1 ratio TAT has no additional or hidden costs/fees, making sure that 100% of the invested capital is transformed into a tangible asset. TAT secures digital currencies in analogue tangible assets.


Oliver T. Roehl

Strategy & Purchase

Philipp Pieper (Swarm)
Blockchain Advisor

Sey Poellmann
Business Operations

Cyrill Troendle (SCX)
Blockchain Advisor

Levent Suer

Markets & Trading

Peter Zaugg
Strategy Advisor

Dr. Remko van Ekelen
Financial Advisor

Prof. Dr. Nicolai Rainov
Strategy Advisor

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